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Hear what Users are saying about Instant Button for Jeans!

For such a small item, it's a very big idea. I have never gone out of my way to write a testimonial before but this product is truly amazing! My jeans in particular have some stretch in them and although they fit well when I put them on, a few hours later they are slipping down. I just use the Instant Button and I'm comfortable for the rest of the day. If I eat too much later on, I just move the button in the opposite direction to give me more room. The Instant Button has really made a difference in my daily comfort. Thank you soooooo much!


I just received my Instant Buttons. I LOVE them!! I've been looking for something like this all my life!! My sister is also very pleased with hers. THANK YOU!

Peggy Holloway - Crestview, FL

I had heard about the Instant Button and finally gave it try when I grew tired of the uncomfortable, unflattering and bulky creases caused by belting my jeans. I pinned the Instant Button in under 5 seconds flat and got a perfectly fitting waistband on my jeans. If you insert the button? of a 3/4 inch further
than the original button, you get a 1 1/2 inch taper. With one inch, you get two inches, etc. Brilliant, simple, effective. Love it and am recommending it to all my similarly curvy friends!

Anne-Marie Kovacs - Las Vegas, NV

I love your button! I am so happy I do not have to wear a belt anymore. Hugs!!!

Melanie Cruz Mueller - Cary, NC

Being a teacher I need to be comfortable in my clothes keeping busy all day and moving around with my students. Instant Button gives me that extra comfort when the pants just don't fit quite right. I recently bought 10 ! and they became the talk of Christmas day when all of the ladies in my family found one under the tree for them. They love them and think like I do that it's a miracle.

Nicole Munoz - San Jose, CA

I have been wearing it everyday, so I think I can officially say "I can't live without this!

Amy Bellgardt - Edmond, OK

We are so used to tugging our jeans during the day because they fit in the hips but not in the waist. The Instant Button totally eliminated that problem for us. And the greatest attribute is that we could use the same button for a number of different pairs of pants. We love it! Thank you.

Ja'ire & Nekia Hattley - Ja`ire International Couture - Los Angeles, CA - www.jaireic.com

I want to tell you that I totally love the product. I actually ended up using it and love the fact that even with a six hour car trip never got stabbed once. It is great.

Kelly Temple - Fresno, CA - www.sillygirldesigns.com

I am currently using the Instant Button for my Joe's Jeans. These jeans cost me around $200 a pair so when I lost weight, I was distressed to see that when I would sit down, the jeans would slide down my
back and expose my rear end. To my delight and sheer relief, the Instant Button saved me from much embarrassment by preventing me from showing the world my rear. The Instant Button was able to seamlessly take away the 2 inches of extra fabric that was not needed and even looked better than the button that the jeans originally came with. Needless to say, I am a happy customer. Instabutton saved me $400 that I would have had to spend to replace my two favorite pairs of Joe's Jeans. Thanks for this creative invention. It was a life saver!! I can wear jeans comfortably and confidently!!!

Lily Silverman - San Jose, CA - Independence Realty & Financial Services

Your buttons work magically! I love them and I use them quite often! Thank you!!!

THIENNA - San Francisco, CA - www.thienna.com

I love the Instant Button! I use it for both myself and my daughter. It works great! And it's very easy to use. A few times I forgot to take it off and it went in the washer and then the dryer. It never dislodged from the pants but yet it's very easy to remove. The Instant Button is a great thing to have handy!

Gwen Tran - San Jose, CA

Your Instant Button is really cool. I honestly look at it as an easy button replacement instead of adjusting the size of my pants. You see, I always somehow manage to pop my pants buttons or lose them but I have no time to sew them back on or do I like to sew. I can see people ordering several of these just for that reason. In addition, when they put on the button, they can re-adjust to the size they want just like your buttons claim to do.These can easily save time. No more needle and threads!

Cindy Toy - San Jose, CA

Thanks for the sample instant button, I really love it. I wear it almost everyday on my jeans, slacks and almost every pant that I own. My niece, and sisters been asking me about the Instant Button, so how can I buy more for them. Thanks a bundle!

Jacqueline Nguyen - San Jose, CA

I LOVE IT... I've been marketing it to family members, friends and co-workers.. and all very interested!

Kristine Le - San Jose, CA


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